Award Categories

The Admin Awards recognizes administrate excellence in nine categories, listed below. Administrative Professionals can be nominated for an award in more than one category, although an admin can only be declared a finalist and winner in one award category. To review the questions associated with award categories prior to nominating click here.

The Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award celebrates an Administrative Assistant (including Receptionists) new to the administrative profession whose career as an Admin started less than 3 years ago.  Candidates in this award category have already made a significant impact on the organization, seek continuous improvement and demonstrate great potential to continue to excel and advance in their role.  This award honors either young professionals who are either starting their career as an Administrative Professional, or more mature individuals who have re-entered the workforce as an Admin or made a career change. Please note: This is NOT an age-related award category.

The Community Champion Award

The Community Champion Award is awarded to the Administrative Professional who best demonstrates a commitment to serving others in their community and works internally to inspire employee volunteerism, community service and good corporate citizenship on behalf of their organization.

The Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes the Administrative Professional that best demonstrates a variety of leadership qualities such as persistence, focus, integrity, innovation, patience, decisiveness, open-mindedness, empowerment, generosity and a passion for helping fellow employees and their organization succeed. Candidates in this award category may lead others within the organization either formal or informally and have a track record of helping others achieve success.

The Achiever Award

The Achiever Award recognizes the high performing Administrative Professional that has successfully demonstrated one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has successfully managed and/or executed a significant project that has had a positive, company-wide impact within the past 2 years
  • Continuously performs difficult tasks and solves challenging problems day after day as a result of their resourcefulness and relentless perseverance

The Spirit Award

The Spirit Award celebrates the Administrative Professional that consistently exhibits a positive, optimistic outlook that people find contagious and uplifting. They approach their work with high energy, enthusiasm and demonstrates an eagerness to help others, always with a positive can-do attitude. This is the person that lifts up the office, who people are drawn to during good days and bad and the person that contributes to a culture of optimism and positivity within the organization.

The Loyalty Award

The Loyalty Award is presented to the Administrative Professional that has a long history of effective service in the Administrative profession (minimum of 20 years) and/or has a long history of effective service to their existing Company or Executive in an administrative capacity (minimum of 10 years).

The Above the Call Award

The Above the Call Award honors the Administrative Professional that goes above and beyond the call of duty in delivering an exceptional customer experience, phenomenal first impression and serves internal and external customers with professionalism, enthusiasm and care. Candidates that qualify for the Above the Call Award include any Administrative Professional whose job responsibility involves significant interaction with others such as coworkers, customers, vendors, company visitors etc.  Administrative titles might include but are not limited to Receptionists, Office Assistants, Client Service Assistants, Facilities Assistants, Sales Coordinators, Sales Assistants, Marketing Coordinators etc.

The Administrative Excellence in Healthcare Award

The Administrative Excellence in Healthcare Award is presented to an Administrative Professional employed in the healthcare or wellness industries that demonstrates exceptional competence, healthcare industry knowledge, outstanding customer service and a passion for improving the physical and emotional well-being of others.

Administrative Professionals working for the following types of organizations are eligible for recognition in this award category: Healthcare providers, hospital systems, physician groups, wellness companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device supply companies.

The Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence

The Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence is The Admin Awards’ most prestigious award. This coveted award will be presented to the admin that best demonstrates the qualities listed below, many of which enabled Colleen Barrett’s rise from legal secretary to President and Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Airlines and contributed to the company’s legendary corporate culture and extraordinary success.

These qualities are:

  • High proficiency
  • Values that reflect those of your organization
  • Passionately committed to your organization’s cause or purpose
  • Deeply committed to legendary customer service both internally and externally
  • The heart for employee advocacy – making sure the company does right by its employees