The Fort Worth Administrative Professional Of The Year Past Winners


It’s really difficult to describe what winning the Fort Worth Administrative Professional of the Year means to me. I feel so honored to have even been nominated, much less win! It’s an incredible honor and I’m so blessed to know that my managers and judges thought I deserved this award. What made the day even more special was being able to celebrate with my daughter and my entire team. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m very lucky to work for such an amazing company as Omni and be able to work so closely with so many incredible associates. I helped open the hotel 7 years ago so I’ve been able to form lasting relationships with many associates and people within the community. At Omni, we truly do strive to be leaders in the local community and we love being in downtown Fort Worth and supporting the area!  I’m also the only bilingual person in the HR office so a lot rely on me to help translate or support them in ways that my colleagues can’t. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I get great joy in helping people in various ways, whether it’s with benefits, translating, housing, whatever they need. Every day is a blessing and I really do love going to work each and every day and getting to experience something new and exciting. No two days are the same, but that’s what makes HR so challenging and rewarding. I’ve been very blessed in my 10 plus years with Omni Hotels and am humbled and honored to have won. Thank you again for this incredible award.

Leticia Fierro

Omni Fort Worth Hotel


Winning the Administrative Professional of the Year Award has been incredibly humbling and exciting for me.  I am currently the Executive Assistant at the children’s home where I lived as a child.  I am here to tell you that perseverance really does pay off and that circumstances in life simply do not define where you will end up in life.  For me to have been honored and recognized so publicly really made me realize that my work truly does matter and that what I do every day really does make a difference.  That alone has had an invaluable impact on my life. I love my job, I love Fort Worth and I absolutely LOVE MY BEAUTIFUL AWARD! Thank you to all who played a part in it and thank you Sunny/Fort Worth Admin Awards for recognizing Amazing Admins across our great city!

Julie Brown

ACH Child & Family Services


The celebration of receiving the inaugural Fort Worth Admin Professional of the Year Award in 2014 was amazing! The entire program is well done and certainly depicts the valuable contributions to organizations in the Metroplex by vast numbers of administrative colleagues. Administrative assistants perform a wide variety of tasks to help maintain efficient office operations that include phones, keyboards , training, budgets and research. Eventually, admins are balancing roles as computer gurus, travel agents, concierges, personal shoppers, mind readers and friends. My earliest life blessing was seeing my parents model a love for God, family and faith in our home. Growing, learning, reading, organizing, encouraging and serving others were everyday experiences not just talking points. In my lifetime, my goal has been to learn by experience, teach by illustration, lead by example and share with emotion. God has guided my journey, my parents laid a strong foundation, and the Admin Award recognition for serving others has been a heartwarming experience that I will always cherish!

Leah Keyes